GECKO ARTZ, INC. decorates plastic or glass bottles, jars and containers by direct screen printing, primarily for the Health & Beauty / Hair & Skin Care industry.

With over 20 years experience decorating containers you will get the professional look and service you require for your products to be successful. Direct screen printing on containers offers an unlimited choice of brilliant colors, bold pop out graphics and low initial investment makes this process the most flexible method of decoration. It is also the easiest, quickest and simplest way to take new products to fruition. This also makes it very easy for the entrepreneur to take advantage of the latest trends or innovations and quickly get their product to market. We do everything from samples or small runs to high volume jobs on our specialized automatic bottle printers. All of these reasons make screen printing containers a time proven solution for your decorating needs.

We know that image is everything and we can make you look good!

Please include GECKO ARTZ in your source file. If you already have a printer, we may be useful as an alternate or as backup when there are scheduling conflicts.

Thank you for taking a moment to review this material and for your interest in GECKO ARTZ, INC.